Kickoff Session + Intro to Snap AR

👉🏽 Day & Time TBD

The Kickoff Session + Intro to Snap AR led by a Snap team member. You will have the opportunity to learn about Snap Inc. company history, hear the evolution and future of augmented reality and be provided with an overview of the Snap AR Lens Challenge.
This event has passed. Find a recording of this session HERE.
*No prior skills or experience needed to attend.

The ARLC Lens Lab

👉🏽 Day & Time TBD

The Lens Lab is a virtual workshop taught by an expert Snap Lens Creator. You will have the opportunity to walk through a live demonstration of Lens Studio and ask questions from the tutorials you completed.
This event has passed. Find a recording of this session HERE.

The Lens Challenge Briefing

👉🏽 Day & Time TBD

The Lens Challenge Briefing event is a virtual workshop facilitated by an expert Snap Lens Creator. This will be an opportunity to ask questions about the briefing, learn about templates that might help your design process and understand how Snap creators make lens creation a full-time career!
This event has passed. Find a recording of this session HERE.

ARLC Office Hours

👉🏽 Day & Time TBD

Join us for informal office hours to ask questions, request live demos of specific templates or learn from your peers.
This event has passed. Find a recording of this session HERE.

Meet Your Lens Lab Facilitators

Roman Jaquez

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Roman moved to the U.S. at age 17 and studied computer science in college in the Bronx. He is now a software engineer and co-founder of the community organization Tech4Hood, where children in the Massachusetts Merrimack Valley learn computer science through tools like Snapchat’s Lens Studio.

Check out his Lens portfolio here.

Sallia Goldstein

Sallia is a 3D Technical Artist who specializes in bringing brand's products into AR. After working as an engineer and vfx artist Sallia brought her skills to Snapchat's Lens Studio to build high quality, cinematic experiences

Check out her Lens portfolio here.

Ben Knutson

Ben fell in love with the world of AR when Lens Studio was first released, and now is the Founder of kAR Graphics, a company that specializes in developing creative, engaging and immersive AR experiences. His company has a large number of clients and projects under its belt, and his personal profile has amassed over 4.5 Billion combined views on his lenses!

Check out his Lens portfolio here.


In order to ensure the best experience, please check as many of the following requirements as you can before joining the Lens Lab:

Do you have the following technology resources?


☐Internet access

☐Smartphone (with Snapchat downloaded)

Have you downloaded and tested the latest versions of the following software on your computer?

☐Design software (Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Canva, Inkscape, or another similar program)

Lens Studio

Snap Camera


Do you have a familiarity with the following?

☐Using Lens / filters on Snapchat

☐Designing / editing visual assets using software

☐Learning new software using online tutorials / videos

Have you completed the following actions through the AR Lens Studio tutorials?

☐Looked through the Official Lens Creators page

☐Brainstormed Lens ideas

Previewed your Lens on Lens Studio

☐Tested your Lens on a real life user

☐Uploaded PNG screenshots of Lenses you made on the Padlets

☐Asked or answered a question on a Padlet

Have you used the templates from the tutorials to make your own Lens?

☐2D Objects

☐Face in Picture


☐Face Paint


Are you ready to do the following?

☐Learn more about Lens Studio & making Lenses

☐Ask questions to an expert

☐Show a draft of your final Lens to an expert for feedback

☐Take your Lens creation to the next level (e.g. interactions, 3D, etc.)

Lens Lab Q&A

  • Q: Do we have to create our own assets?
  • A: We encourage you to create unique images for your Lens design! If you’re stuck and want to include an image as part of your overall design, make sure they’re not copyrighted! Here are some sites that have images that are not copyrighted and free to use:,
    But remember, go for it and create your own unique image!

  • Q: What software do you use for 3-D modeling?
  • A: If you're interested in 3-D modeling, check out Blender.