👉🏽 The 2022 U.S. National Challenge took place Monday March 14 - April 1, 2022.

We're not accepting submissions at the moment, but we'll let you know when we go live again!



Monday, March 14
4 pm PT
7 pm ET
Live: Intro to Snap and Augmented Reality Session
Monday, March 14 - Friday, March 25 Self-Paced: Snap AR Lens Challenge "Level Up" Tutorials

Thursday, March 24
4 pm PT
7 pm ET
Live: Lens Lab with Snap Lens Network Creator
Friday, March 25
4 pm PT
7 pm ET
Live: Office Hours with Snap Lens Network Creator
Friday, April 1
11:59 pm PT
2:59 am ET
Self-Paced: Challenge Lens Submissions Due


We are no longer accepting submissions, but here's the design brief from the most recent U.S. Challenge.

Your final Lens design submission and explanation of your creative process will all be weighed by a team of judges who are identifying prospective Scholars who have a deep desire to continue learning.  Lenses will be judged based on quality (40%), originality (30%) and creativity (30%).

Everyone who completes the Challenge will create a fully functional Snap lens that could be included as an impressive piece in their portfolios. As a bonus, we’ll also be offering select prizes to winners of the Final Project Showcase: 

  • cash prizes, or
  • a professional development opportunity to design a Lens for a client, or
  • high consideration for one of 15 slots for the Snap Lens Academy, Snap Inc’s summer program for rising AR design students (open only to community college students or recent transfers)

Create and Submit your Final Lens

Theme: Sending Love and Light Into the World

The past few years have shaken our collective understanding of the world and how we connect– whether with friends, family, or people we haven’t met in real life (IRL). We know that this world needs positive energy: love and light to get us through the hours, days, months, and years. 

This year, we want you to design a lens to send love and light to your Snapchat friends. Lenses are discoverable within the Snapchat app so anyone in the world could use the Lens you create and put positive energy out into the world through their Story, Spotlight and/or SnapMap post!

As you design your Lens for this year’s AR Challenge, think about:

  • What images would you design? 
  • What special effects would you include? 
  • What movements would trigger those special effects?

We’re excited to see what you all come up with and through our collective creations, we will be one step closer to making it happen.


  • You can use the existing templates in Lens studio to start building your Lens
  • You can design assets through Illustrator, Photoshop, or any other design software (i.e. Canva) that you can import into Lens Studio
  • You can use existing images from the web that you can import into Lens Studio (just make sure you avoid using brand logos or unapproved third party assets)
  • You can incorporate movement and sound to make your Lens fun and interactive

After you have finished the tutorials under the “Level up” part of the website,  and have attended the Lens Lab and/ or Office Hours, you’ll be ready to send love and light to all your friends with your Lens. 


👻 When you are finished, submit your Lens to be officially published on Snap.

For details on how to submit your Lens, click here. Here are some extra tips:

  • Make sure you are not using any copyrighted material.
  • Keep the overall size of your Lens under 8 MB.
  • Download a 10-second preview video of your Lens.
  • Click the yellow “Publish Lens” button on the top left corner of Lens Studio to begin the process.

Once the Lens has been accepted and published, download its Snapcode (when scanned, the Snapcode will link to your Lens). Here’s an example: 

Then, submit your Snapcode and a 10-second preview video of your Lens to us HERE and complete the exit survey.  If any questions come up throughout the submission process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ARLensChallenge@nextshiftlearning.com

Best of luck in designing and submitting your final Lens!