Time for an AR Lens Competition.

Competition Brief

The Snap Augmented Reality (AR) Lens Challenge is a student-led programme created to help young people develop the foundational digital skills they need to be successful in the future digital landscape. The learning supports the UK computing and PSHE curriculums and promotes digital literacy and careers guidance. 

It has been designed for students aged 16-18 and runs over a term (an hour a week) as an extracurricular programme, and is delivered in 3 main stages:

Level Up Lessons ↗Virtual Workshop with a Snap employee ↗
The Competition (read on to find out more)

Express Yourself

So, for our UK AR Challenge Competition we want to know more about YOU.

What makes you, you?

Whatever it is, we want to know. 

So, the challenge is this:

Create an AR Lens that is inspired by YOU.

It could be anything. Something you love. Something you hate. Somewhere you’ve been. Somewhere you’re going to. Something you were, are, hope to be one day.
Whatever it is, celebrate it with a Lens.

Top Tips

  1. Finding your creative identity takes time so don’t panic if you don’t have ideas straight away! Many artists and designers spend a lifetime searching for it. Start with the things that make you feel something (happy/angry/sad/excited) and go from there.
  2. Try not to express too much in one Lens. Pick a small, simple idea, experiment with it and see where it can take you. 
  3. Sometimes the people we love know us better than we know ourselves. If you’re a bit stuck, share this brief with some friends and family and see what ideas they come up with.


The student with the winning lens will win an all expenses paid work experience day at Snap’s head office in London for a day full of excitement. The student will get the opportunity to meet various employees at Snap, discuss their careers and see discover who is behind the creation of the lenses that students know and love. Imagine how great that would look on your CV!

There will also be a tech prize up for grabs for three participating schools with the top entries!

Judging Criteria

The most successful Lenses will:

  1. Creatively celebrate or express at least one part of the creator’s identity
  2. Be something that Snapchatters would want to interact with and share
  3. Draw upon skills that were developed during the Snap AR Lens Challenge


The deadline to submit your Lens is midnight on Friday the 9th December 2022.

Submission Entry

👻 When you are finished, submit your Lens to be officially published on Snap.

For details on how to submit your Lens, click here. Here are some extra tips:

  • Make sure you are not using any copyrighted material.
  • Keep the overall size of your Lens under 8 MB.
  • Download a 10-second preview video of your Lens.
  • Click the yellow “Publish Lens” button on the top left corner of Lens Studio to begin the process.

Once the Lens has been accepted and published, download its Snapcode (when scanned, the Snapcode will link to your Lens). Here’s an example:

Then, submit your Snapcode and a 10-second preview video of your Lens by filling in the Competition Entry Form using the guidance included. Before submitting your final Lens for the competition, make sure you read the full terms and conditions by clicking here.

If any questions come up throughout the submission process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ARLensChallenge@nationalschoolspartnership.com.

Best of luck in designing and submitting your final Lens!




Week 1
Wed 12 Oct
Fri 14 Oct
Introduction to Snapchat and the Future of AR Panel Snap team members join a panel to talk about Snap and the future of AR in a live panel event on Zoom
Week 1
10 Oct
Lesson 1 | Warm Up

A creative warm-up introduction, thinking through an idea for a Lens and prototype.
Week 2
17 Oct
Lesson 2 | Making a 2D Lens Improving your lens and exploring lens studio to make your lens idea 2D.
Week 3
24 Oct
Lesson 3 | Make a Face Paint Lens Building a new Lens that moves with your face just like real make-up or face paint!
Week 4
31 Oct
Half Term (UK)
Break Work on your lenses during half term if you can.
Week 5
Wed 9 Nov
Fri 11 Nov
Live Lens Studio demo with one of our Snap AR Lens Creators Meet one a UK Snaps Lens creators and participate in a live Lens Studio demo and Q&A session.
Week 5
7 Nov
Lesson 4 | Make a Face Distorting Lens You will build a new lens that distorts your face in Lens Studio.
Week 6
Wed 16 Nov
Wed 18 Nov
Office hours + Q&A session with a Snap AR Lens Creator Tips and tricks on how to create Snap lenses and Q&A drop in session (optional).
Week 6
14 Nov
Lesson 5 | Change the background of your Lens You’ll see how AR is being used by change-makers, businesses and advertisers in the real world and you’ll create a Lens with a personalised background.
Week 7
21 Nov
Lesson 6 | Create a Face in Picture Lens
Lesson 7 | Testing Your Lens
Lesson 6 | You'll build a Lens using the Face in Picture feature.
Lesson 7 | You’ll pick your favourite Lens and test it out on some real-life users. You’ll gather their feedback and use it to create your finest Lens masterpiece yet!
Week 8
Wed 30 Nov
Fri 2 Dec
Office hours + Q&A session with a Snap AR Lens Creator Tips and tricks on how to create Snap lenses and Q&A drop in session (optional).
Week 8
28 Nov
Lesson 8 | Creating Your Competition Lens In this lesson you'll design and create a brand-new lens that responds to our Competition Brief.
Week 9
9 Dec
Submit Lenses for the Challenge Submit your lens by midnight Friday 9th December 2022.