Check out these Project Lenses from
our 2024 participants in the U.K.

Congratulations to all of our talented Lens Creators for participating in this year’s Challenge! We loved seeing the creativity that you all put in to inspire Snapchatters to reach their goals!

2024 UK AR Lens Challenge

Theme: Make your ambitions real.
Some of us have been single-minded about our goals since primary school. Some of us have only recently realised that we can actually do whatever we want to.Regardless of whether you’ve always been a dreamer, or recently jumped on the hustle, you’ve got the Zero Gravity mindset: to defy the odds and make your ambitions real.As a tech-first platform, we’ve always believed that the process can all take place behind your laptop. Entering a digital world of learning, upskilling, mentoring, dreaming, scheming, plotting and winning - you can become a success from behind the screen as you take those big steps out into the real world.It’s time to use tech to power up the future you never thought possible.

This year, we want you to design a Snap lens to showcase the journey of making your ambitions real to your Snapchat friends.

It could be anything. Your childhood dream of becoming a doctor or a lawyer. Your plan to travel the world or move to a big city. Your ambition to write a book or launch a new app. Whatever you want to do, and whoever you want to be, don’t wait. Make it real right now, with the power of AR.

2024 Design Submissions

Lila D.

Holly D.

Nabeel A.

Sabrina A.

Numair M.

Fleur C.

Mehzabeen M.

Jasmine C.

Dennis C.

Jaskiran D.

Patrycja M.