4. Exploring the Lens: Augmented Reality at Your Fingertips

Hello up & coming Lens Creators!

In this unit, you will build a Lens using the Face in Picture feature. 

You will also learn to ask for and incorporate feedback gathered by testing your Face-in-Picture Lens with a user. 

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to ...

  • Build a Lens using the Face in Picture feature
  • Gather and process feedback from a user who is using your Lens


Estimated time: 1 hour

Step 1: Explore

📱 Start by scanning these Face in Picture / Face in Video Lenses in your Snapchat:

Step 2: Create

You have seen examples of Face in Picture / Face in Video Lenses. 

Now, it’s your turn to create your own Face in Picture Lens.

To begin, design a 2D image of your choosing. This will be the image that will be featured on your Lens. You should think about an image that can have a hole in the middle where your user can show their head. Remember to be creative and not worry about making it perfect, since it’s only a draft. 

When you are finished designing your image, you will use it in your Face in Picture Lens. 

1. 👻 Open the Lens Studio software.

2. 👻 Find and open the “Face in Picture” template.

3. 💻 Watch this Face in Picture tutorial video below by Lens Creator Roman Jaquez. Follow along the tutorial with these sample assets (optional).

Face In Picture by Next Shift Learning

4. 🎨 Develop your own Lens using the Face in Picture template.
Stuck for an idea for your Face in Picture Lens design?

These Lenses work best when they gain a reaction from the user. Think about the last place you’d expect to, or want to, see a human face or facial features. It might be funny or just downright ridiculous.

If all else fails, create something that’s in season. Think Halloween, Ramadan, Diwali, Christmas or even just summer holiday vibes!

Don’t forget to use our Successful Lens Checklist to improve your design:

1. Does your Lens appeal to a certain audience? 
2. Does your Lens have a clear purpose? 
3. Is your Lens fun to interact with? 
4. Does your Lens provoke a reaction from the user? 
5. Is your Lens sharable?

5. 👻 Spend a few more minutes finishing up your Lens and trying it directly on your Snapchat app!

6. 💬 If you have any questions, try these resources or submit your question on the Unit #4 Padlet:

📎  Face In Picture Resource📎  Face Inset Resource

7. 💻  Save your progress on your computer.

8. 📤  Save a screenshot of your Lens as a .PNG to upload to the on the Unit #4 Padlet.

If you'd like, you can also preview the lens and save a video copy.

Step 3: Test

Next, you will ask for meaningful feedback from a real-life user.

1. 🤳 Find a friend or family member who is willing to try your new Lens. This person is now your “user.”

2. ✏️ After they have tried it out, ask them the following questions on the Meaningful Feedback Worksheet and record what they say in your journal.

  • I LIKE: What aspects of the idea did you like?
  • I WISH: What aspects of the idea do you wish were different?
  • I WONDER: What are some other directions for consideration?
📎  Meaningful Feedback Worksheet

3. 👻 Modify your Lens based on the feedback that your user gave you.

Step 4: Share

That’s an awesome new Lens you made there! Make sure you share it with the rest of the AR Lens Challenge community.

1. 🤳 You can upload the screenshot (.PNG) of your Lens to the Unit #4 Padlet

2.✏️  In the caption of your photo, write your answer to the following question: 

  • What was it like receiving feedback from your user?
  • What did you learn by receiving feedback from your user?
💬  Unit #4 Padlet

Extra Credit

Want to take your Lens to the next level? Try adding interactivity: