LESSON 3: Make a Face Paint Lens

So, you’ve made your first Lens and by now we hope you’re starting to see all the possibilities for creating Lenses using Lens Studio. But we’re not stopping there. Onwards and upwards as you Level Up again to create your next AR masterpiece…

In lesson 2 you’ll build a new Lens that moves with your face just like real make-up or face paint.

All you need to create your first Face Paint Lens is…

  • Lens Studio and the Face Paint Template (more on that later)
  • This video tutorial on Face Paint:
Facepaint Tutorial by Next Shift Learning

Step 1: Explore (Only spend 5 minutes on this)

Open up the Snapchat app on your phone. Explore some Face Paint Lenses. Jot down any ones you find particularly appealing in your Sketchbook (on page 7), and give a reason why they work so well.

Step 2: Design

In your Sketchbook (page 7), come up with a design for your Face Paint Lens. Will you cover the entire face? Focus on one feature? Use text or images?

Stuck for an idea for your Face Paint Lens design?

Lots of designers start with ideas that will appeal to their target audience. Have a go at designing a Lens for a special person you know very well (they will be your target audience). 

What do they love? Brainstorm the kinds of things they find interesting / amusing / appealing. 

Then, translate one or two of the best ideas into a Face Paint Lens design in your Sketchbook on page 7.

Don’t forget to use our Successful Lens Checklist below to improve your design. Your goal is to be able to answer yes to most of these questions:      

1. Does your Lens appeal to a certain audience?      
2. Does your Lens have a clear purpose? 
3. Is your Lens fun to interact with? 
4. Does your Lens provoke a reaction from the user? 
5. Is your Lens sharable?

Step 3: Watch (this should take about 10 minutes)

Open the Lens Studio software on your computer.

Before you do anything in Lens Studio, take some time to watch this Face Paint tutorial video  by Lens Creator Roman Jaquez. You can even follow his tutorial using these sample assets (optional). Take in as much as you can before you start creating your own design.

Facepaint Tutorial by Next Shift Learning

Step 4: Create

It’s time to create your own face paint Lens. To do this, you’ll follow the steps in the video tutorial, using the Face Paint template in Lens Studio to paint a 2D texture onto your face, just like face paint.

If you need more support along the way, you can always rely on our handy step-by-step Face Paint Template guide here: https://docs.snap.com/lens-studio/references/templates/face/face-paint

Spend a few more minutes trying your new Lens on your Snapchat app! (See the Pairing to Snapchat Guide if you need reminding how to do this here). 

Don’t forget to save your Lens on your computer. Then, save a screenshot of your Lens as a .PNG ready for upload to the Unit 2 Padlet. If you’d like, you can also Preview the Lens and save a video copy  (just like in the last lesson, reminder guide can be found here).

Bonus Level 

If you’ve got spare time (check you out!) you could have a go at adding text to your Lens. Follow the steps in this Guide.

Step 5: Share and Reflect (leave about 10 minutes for this bit)

On Padlet

Share your creation with your classmates and our friendly learner community by uploading your final work to the Lesson #3 Padlet.  In the caption of your photo, write a short answer to the following questions: 

  • What went well this time?
  • How would you make an even better Face Paint Lens next time?