LESSON 5: Changing the Background of your Lens 

Welcome back, Lens Creators! Ready to make some more Lenses? This time we’re leveling up into the real-world and using AR to reimagine our surroundings. 

Sounds fun right?

In lesson 5, you’ll see how AR is being used by change-makers, businesses and advertisers in the real world and you’ll create a Lens with a personalized background.

All you need for this one is…

Segmentation Tutorial by Next Shift Learning

Step 1: Research and Development

Why would people and businesses want to make their own Lenses? What could be their motivation? Explore this link for ideas: https://www.snapchat.com/create

Mind map as many ideas as you can to answer this question: In what situations might creating an AR Lens be useful or beneficial?

Write down your ideas in your Sketchbook on page 9. 

There are lots of benefits to making your own AR Lenses. 

FUTURE SKILLS: You will develop and demonstrate your creative thinking and design skills, both highly valued by future-focused employers. More and more brands are using AR Lenses to promote their products and services. 

For example, check out the Prada Galleria Bag Lens:

Prada Lens

PERSONAL VALUES: You can use AR Lens design to speak out about causes that are important to you. AR is becoming more widespread as a tool for creating change and raising awareness. 

For example, check out the Happiness Crown Lens:

Happiness Crown Lens

SELF EXPRESSION: You can help influence ideas and shape the culture around you! Moving from a Lens user to a Lens creator means creating new ideas and ways of communicating these with the world around you. Developing AR skills will help you not only express yourself creatively but also create fun moments you can share with your family and friends. 

For example, check out the Zenni TrueSize 1 Lens:

Zenni TrueSize 1 Lens

Remind yourself about these Five Trends That Defined Snap AR Lenses in 2021.

Speed ideation challenge: Imagine you’re a full-time AR Lens Creator. You’re creating a portfolio of Lenses to demonstrate your skills to potential clients.

In your Sketchbook (page 9), sketch at least one idea for each of these scenarios:

  1. A Lens that promotes a product or service from a local business or brand you admire.
  2. A Lens that raises awareness or encourages action for a cause you care about.
  3. A Lens that is inspired by something that’s popular or talked-about right now.
  4. A Lens for an artists’ track featured in Snapchat Sounds, inspired by their musical style.
  5. A Lens that celebrates a special moment, event or person in your life.

Step 2: Watch (should take about 10 minutes)

For this activity, you’ll be using the Segmentation Template. This basically separates the background and the foreground into two layers. The result is a Lens with a custom background, like this…

Soy LatinX Lens

Open the Lens Studio software on your computer.

Find and open the Segmentation template.

Watch this Segmentation tutorial video below by Lens Creator Roman Jaquez. Follow along the tutorial with these sample assets (optional). If you get stuck, use this guide.

Segmentation Tutorial by Next Shift Learning

Now you understand what is possible with the Segmentation Template, pick one of your ideas from the earlier brainstorming session. Re-design your Lens idea so it includes a custom background that is related to that scenario.

Step 3: Create

Develop your own Lens using the Segmentation template.

Save and preview your work on the Snapchat app on your phones!

Save your progress on your computer.

Save a screenshot of your Lens as a .PNG to upload to the Lesson #5 Padlet.

If you’d like, you can also Preview the Lens and save a video copy.

Bonus Level

Use this link to add Animation to your Lens.

Step 4: Share and Reflect

On Padlet

Ready to roll out your Lens? Upload it as a screenshot (.PNG) to the Lesson #5 Padlet to share with the rest of the AR Lens Challenge community.

In the caption of your photo, write your answer to the following questions: 

  • What was successful about your Lens? What could be improved?
  • What other real-life Lens would you want to make next?